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Lean How Top Advertising Platform In UAE Are Helping Businesses Grow

UAE businesses are considering a number of online advertising platforms to help boost the sales of local companies. This includes using social networks to market businesses. According to a survey, the top advertising platform in UAE are TV channels, newspapers, billboards, magazines, & radio. Both the sites boast over 80% daily active users and have made a mark in terms of revenue sharing.

As social media continue to expand its presence, more businesses will find themselves on the popular networking site. According to one survey, almost half of the UAE’s population uses social media websites. Another top advertising platform in UAE is YouTube. UAE offers plenty of opportunities for advertising, especially since it does not charge any fees for uploading videos. The cost is simply a few cents per video. A study also found that almost half of the consumers use YouTube when searching for information on products and services.

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First of its kind in the UAE with a focus on internet-based businesses. Click Media, the country’s first Media E-Commerce platform, exhibits a pioneering approach as an online market-shifting concept which combines the power of E-business strategies in the credibility of the Journalism sector. The company also offers creative & internship opportunities In UAE that fresh graduates can use and make their respective career.

This brand spanking new online platform allows its users to access thousands of pre-screened and ready-to-shop products and services through the power and convenience of their computers, mobile devices and the World Wide Web. The company is also committed to creating and sustaining a rich multimedia experience for its users by providing them excellent web and audio/video service solutions. If you are someone who has recently finished college then he or she must look for creative & internship opportunities In UAE by Click Media.

The company will continue to expand its already impressive list of products and services with more promise in different media e-commerce platform in the future. In line with this, they already have several joint ventures with different companies in the region, which are working towards promoting the growth of the UAE’s online business. These ventures have the intention of making the UAE a hub for different media e-commerce platform e-businesses. To find out about various kind of opportunities available with Click Media, visit the website now. You can always get answers to your question by talking to their experts.


Web Design Portfolios Make A Big Difference In Online Business Promotion

When online businesses take a nose dive in terms of customer generation it is time then for the company to consult a digital marketing company. Contrary to the traditional marketing online marketing hugely differs in terms of lack of physical presence. Everything here is done abstractly or virtually and only an online marketing consultant Pittsburgh can help you in this matter. Digital marketing comprises of many marketing strategies that vary hugely in application but the aim is the same for all of them. Driving crowd to your website is the primary goal of digital marketing consultant and the agency will employ multifaceted campaign to achieve that.

online marketing consultant Pittsburgh

Web design is the primary weapon of an online marketing strategy

Among the many marketing strategies the website design is the foremost because it is the primary attention around which the entire effort of digital marketing revolves. A website is a platform on which you showcase products or services, so it needs to look, no, extraordinary. Extraordinary because there are many other similar sites that sell the same products and services and you have to beat them to be on the top of the queue. It is a kind of parade that displays different daises with different makeup and only the best snare the maximum attention. Besides the visitors’ impression the website also need to impress search engines. Google search engines try to find certain qualities in a website to rank them and website design is one of them. It is not only in the visual aspect but also on functional elements that the search engine bots will be looking for, so your site would as well be designed to their expectations. Find the best web design portfolios Pittsburgh and implement it so visual appeal plus functional ease attracts search engine bots.

Your website design is the first attraction

It is important for your website to be beautifully designed with attractive graphics, layout, fonts, background colors and ease of viewing them. The website pages will also need fresh and interesting content to keep viewers interest on your web pages. The web pages also should be capable of interacting with visitors so customer engagement is prolonged. Keeping visitors on your website is only secondary to making them knock on your portal, and only an attractive web design can achieve that. Properly laid out, designed and created website is capable of attracting search engine bots and the site also need to be properly indexed so the bots ready our correctly and send the right signal to the administration. Getting higher rankings with Google search engine results is the primary aim and web site design helps achieve that.