5 Important Reasons Why Your Ducting System Needs Cleaning

Family members spend most of their time at home and it could range from 60% to 90% occupancy in a day. However not many notice the air quality that they breathe and keep inhaling whatever air is circulating inside rooms. A well maintained HVAC system will improve the quality of the air in your homes so it is necessary that the ducting system is cleaned of dust and debris. You will find improved air quality in your rooms after you have removed the contamination from the ducts.

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Here are 5 significant reasons why you should clean your ducting system and when you do that you should engage a professional duct cleaning Miami agency for a thorough job.


  1. Prevents allergens and health issues

Over the years the ducting system collects dust and debris from the intake air and they could contaminate and give way to harmful bacteria and allergens. Once the dust is accumulated to greater levels it will cause allergies, asthma and respiratory diseases among family members. by cleaning the ducting system routinely you can prevent this.

  • It improves performance of HVAC

Your systems ability to perform better and the proper duct performance go hand in hand. When ducting system is overwhelmed by dust, dirt, allergens, pet dander and molds the system will be affected and its performance will be poor. Efficiency of the system will increase dramatically once you get rid of them from the ducts.

  • HVAC lifespan increased

The HVAC is a major investment in your home budget and you simply cannot afford to buy a new one any sooner if the old one stops working. According to statistics 90% of the HVAC systems have shortened lifespan owing to poor maintenance.   You can add years by getting duct system cleaned regularly.

  • Improved air quality

When HVAC duct system gets clogged you will sense that foul odor is emanating from the air. Musty damp air circulation means, the system is compromised by dust and debris accumulation. This will impair the quality of the air and foul smell will come from your vents. Regular cleaning air duct cleaning Miami will supply you with fresh and sweet smelling air.

  • Detects underlying conditions

If you regularly clean the duct and maintain your HVAC it is possible to spot the vulnerable points in the system and you can find possible issues that could endanger the life and performance of the HVAC when get it examined and cleaned by professionals. This will avoid possible costs while prolonging the life cycle of the duct system.


Does Air Duct Cleaning Deliver The Result You Desire For?

You may ask, should I have the air ducts cleaned at my home? Is it worth the money I spend? Will it be effective? Most air duct cleaning companies promise the sky and assure improved air quality and cooling, but will they actually does it or it is just scam? The following information will enable you to determine whether you want your home air ducting cleaned or not. Once you are convinced you may opt for an Air duct cleaning Fort Lauderdale that will do the job efficiently and bring about the desired results.

There is no official research or evidence to support that air duct cleaning improves air quality and cooling and prevents the germination of bacteria or mold. However there is evidence that cooling coils and heating coils, air handling units and motor that are dirty makes your HVAC system less efficient.  There is also evidence that inspecting the ducts periodically and locating particular issues help take measures that will make HVAC run efficiently.

When should you decide on air duct cleaning?

  • Most homeowners will consider considerable amount of obstruction or dust inside the duct work while deciding to get it cleaned. One thing you should keep in mind is that the easier the air flow inside the duct system the easier it will be for your HVAC will deliver air into your rooms. When air flow is hampered in the ducting system owing to major blockage the energy cost of your home will rise tremendously. This is an indication that you should ask the duct cleaning Miami to have a look at it.
  • If you notice rodent droppings and insect bodies dropping in to yoru ducts it is also a telltale sign that immediately take steps to clean the ducts. Collection of the above material is likely to circulate in the air that rooms are supplied with and also evidence that duct system has been hosting rodents, insects and other pests that are harmful to health.
  • When your HVAC starts producing stale and musty air you can be sure that it has mold infestation in the ducts. You should get a HVAC technician from duct cleaning Miami to have a look at it. When moisture is trapped inside the ducting, mold infestation germinates and that could be immensely harmful to your HVAC system and the air you inhale inside your rooms. Mold infestation should be treated seriously and urgently because it can cause allergies to family members who are sensitive.
  • If you find visible collection of dirt in ducts and vents then you should immediately consider cleaning them. The earlier you detect it and get rid of it the better it will be for your air flow and energy bill.
  •  When you see the sprouting of unexplained allergies to family members you should consider checking the HVAC ducting system. This is when you have taken all the precautions to prevent contagious diseases or allergies contaminating your home.
Air duct Cleaning

Will cleaning your air ducts pay off?

Whether it will pay off or not will be determined by the company you engage to do the duct cleaning. Your HVAC system must be checked by a certified technician for HVAC systems. Both National Air Duct Cleaners Association and the EPA will endorse them and nearly about 1,000 nationwide duct cleaning companies are represented by them. These associations agree that there are benefits of employing these duct cleaning services for ducts, furnaces, ventilation and central air conditioners.  

Growing concerns over increasing air pollution and depleted air quality it is easy to persuade owners that their air duct system should be cleaned and get rid of debris and dust. However there is no need to clean the ducts if there is no dust or dirt present in them. It is also the recommendation of the EPA that owners should get their ducts cleaned by Air duct cleaning Fort Lauderdale only when it is confirmed that they are clogged with dirt and debris.

Steps you can take to increase efficiency of your HVAC

Tackling the following issues as well as clearing major obstruction in the duct will surely improve the air quality your HVAC delivers in your room and the comfort it affords to inhabitants. However it is important that house owners take necessary steps to keep HVAC system delivering at optimum efficiency.

Some steps that you can take which will increase the efficiency of the HVAC

  • Regularly change furnace filters
  • Check whether your thermostat is working correctly
  • Schedule regular tune-up for your HVAC system

Maintain the system is the key to the success of your HVAC

It is important for you to call qualified technicians to have a look at your HVAC system so you can assess whether it is working to maximum capacity and efficiency. Poor air flow means more energy consumption and reduction in efficiency. If it is the case, you should consider getting the duct system checked for issues and clean it immediately by duct cleaning Miami.

The same should be done at the warehouse if you notice air conditioning is not working properly or delivering air efficiently. Poorly functioning HVAC system could jeopardize the warehouse business as they are installed to provide cooler temperature to preserve perishable items. Periodical check of Warehouse ventilation in Miami will ensure that warehouse is well ventilated and devoid of unwanted humidity. Humid conditions can damage food and other commodities that are stored inside a warehouse.