How A Chauffeured Transportation Is Different From Normal Transport?

What is the difference between a chauffeur driven car and a regular driver? A chauffeur is a person who is employed to drive luxury cars like sedans and limos which are usually large in size. These are high-end transport costing owners several thousand dollars, so you can understand why a chauffeur is different from a normal driver. Anyone can become a driver but it requires expert training and exceptional skills to be a chauffeur. A chauffeur is hired to serve you whereas a driver is hired to just drive the vehicle. This would also mean that a chauffeured transportation in Atlanta is an important vehicle and whoever is riding in the vehicle is rich or important.

Chauffeured Transportation

A chauffeur is chosen after several considerations and background checks. They are usually given the charge of limousines, luxury sedans, SUVs, Vans and Limo Busses and sprinters. They are designated to drive people around on pre-arranged trips. They can be employed for a single trip, or on a monthly salary by a private owner, business or for a government department. Chauffeurs are multi-talented and they become more than a driver of a luxury car and become a personal valet for the passenger, tour planner, and executive assistant. If you hire a limo for your wedding the chauffeur will act as your personal valet or secretary and will run errand as well as take care of everything that you need on the occasion. Chauffeurs are trained to do many things besides driving and they can even mix a drink for you or call a restaurant to book a table.

 A Birthday Party Limo Service in Atlanta will depute a chauffeur to drive the limo and you can be assured of the trip and your loved ones for whom the party limo has been hired. Party limos are stretched out limousines that could accommodate between 18-22 passengers and still have enough leg and head space to have freedom of movement. These are air-conditioned comfort that offer special sofa like seats on both sides while leaving large space in the middle. These are special vehicle modified to host events like birthday parties and you can hire them at hourly rate and save money while making your son/daughter immensely happy. Birthday limos are special vehicles that are designed to look like a dance hall or party venue and the chauffeur who is in charge of the vehicle will also be the master of ceremonies and help you with the celebration.